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      Disconnect to reconnect

      Our stays invite you to connect with your mind, soul and spirit.

      A tailor-made experience.
      Our distinguished portfolio of hotels and resorts: Mind, Soul and Spirit project a sense of beauty, harmony, personality, empathy and quality.

      The impressive style of our hotels basks in the natural sunlight offering unique and unforgettable stays.

      Flavors inspired by local cultural traditions… Each dish is an invitation to a delightful journey of discovery.

      Traveling is falling in love every step of the way. We have everything you need to live an unforgettable experience.


      Multiplying happiness

      Be part of our Membership Program, AKEN Community.

      A program that promotes respect and social responsibility.  

      AKEN Members get access to exclusive benefits from their first stay and, for every reservation they make…

      AKEN Community automatically donates US$1 to a community impact organization.

      Our AKEN Members do not add points, they add contributions to the world.  

      We invite you to enjoy the most captivating memories of our guests.

      AKEN Memories Gallery

      We invite you to enjoy the
      captivating memories.

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